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Attorneys Working With Your Best Interests

Navigating the stressful and confusing area of construction law takes time away from running your business. You need a law firm that understands these complex issues and can provide you with superior representation when you need it most. Located in Greenville, NC, the attorneys at McLawhorn & Associates have represented general contractors, subcontractors and building owners in every area of construction law. 

Some of their areas of expertise include:

  • Securing payment
  • Environmental & building regulations
  • Contract disputes
  • Subcontractor disputes
  • Liability claims
  • Negligence claims

Our region, Eastern North Carolina, is seeing an explosion in population and new construction. Because of this, you need to protect yourself against any dispute over payment, liability or negligence, regardless if you are the building owner, a private contractor or a subcontractor brought on for specialty work. You need a team of experienced attorneys who you can trust will have your best interests in mind. Contact us today, and get to know your lawyer.